Athlon Solutions provides water, process treatment and finished fuel additives to the Refining, Petrochemical, Fertilizer and Power industries.

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Kurita is a leading manufacturer of water treatment equipment and chemicals. VASU markets and services speciality products of Kurita for the automobile and ancillary industry.

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LCS-Cablecranes-Systems, Austria is a Global market leader for specialized transport solutions in remote areas. VASU-LCS offers unique, full service solutions for infrastructure projects, guaranteeing a comprehensive , cost effective and most importantly time–effective program

  • Placing of concrete while construction of Dams
  • Transport solutions for power station and pipeline construction especially on hilly terrain
  • Carrying carry enormous loads, suspended in mid air, with absolute precision to their final destination
  • Alternative transport for concrete and equipment in impassable, critical and inaccessible terrain
  • Major projects in INDIA, Ecuador, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Indonesia, France, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria

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LORESCO Inc is the global market leader specializing in the development and manufacture of impress current anode backfills and replaceable deep bed anode systems. The LORESCO name is recognized around the world as being dedicated to producing the highest quality impressed current anode backfills. LORESCO products have an excellent performance track record at all types of facilities including oil and gas production facilities, pipelines, storage tanks, steel pilings, well casings, electrical generation facilities, communications systems, and transmission systems.

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Professional Water Technologies, USA, Develops, manufactures & sells specialty chemicals for industrial & commercial RO systems. With complete line of RO pretreatment and maintenance products, comprehensive analytical and technical capabilities, PWT offers solutions to maximize the efficiency and economy of RO operations.

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