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Cable Crane Systems

VASU has an exclusive association with LCS-Cable Cranes (Austria) a global leader for specialized transport solutions in remote areas. The solutions offered are the safest, successful transport solutions with maximum efficiency and minimal impact on the surrounding sensitive environment.

The cable crane systems by LCS are used for diverse fields of application such as construction sites in the mountains and hydro power plants. One of the core competencies is the construction of pipelines in steep terrain. The cable cranes allow safe transportation and very efficient handling of pipes during the entire pipe-laying process.

LCS has been awarded for significant achievement in the development of new pipeline technologies for their new carriage GSK 160 for cable crane systems by International Pipeline and Offshore Contractors Association (IPLOCA).

Areas of Specialization include

Cable Cranes

Material ropeways for carrying enormous loads, suspended in mid air, with absolute precision to their final destination. Cable cranes are primarily used as an alternative transport method for concrete, pipes and equipment in impassable, critical, inaccessible terrain and steep mountain ridges.

Cable Crane System

Parallel cable cranes and radial cable cranes for concreting during dam construction

Cable Crane Systems

Service and project management for laying pipelines on steep slopes, including grading, trenching, drilling, welding, padding, backfilling, slope stabilization, re-instatement

Rental of Winches, Carriages, crawler excavators