Water Treatment

Closed Loop / Chilled Water Treatment

Chilled Water TreatmentChilled Water Systems are an effective way of heating or cooling in buildings, hotels, software parks etc as well as industrial processes like cooling of gas engines, compressors, air washers etc.

Closed Loop / Chilled Water systems are mostly used for
  • Comfort Cooling
  • Process closed water loops
  • Hot water in process applications
  • Condenser cooling

The nature of closed loop systems is such that very little water is used as makeup and hence corrosion and microfouling are the potential problems

Corrosion can be pitting, galvanic and/or crevice attack. Inhibitors typically used are nitrates, molybdates for effective control

Microbiological fouling is due to iron reducing bacteria, nitrifying bacteria and pseudomonas slime forming bacteria. These foulants reduce sysem efficiency and increase operating and maintenance costs.

VASU has extensive experience of protecting and treating close loop circuits.

For HVAC applications Initial flushing, cleaning and passivation of the chilled water circuits is a very important activity to maintain long term health of the system. Most large chilled water HVAC systems can never be stopped once operational. Careful initial flushing and passivation can protect the system for a long time and can give trouble free services.

VASU has following solution for Close loop system.
  • Initial flushing and passivation.
  • Regular treatment of Chilled Water circuits for HVAC application.
  • On Line cleaning of HVAC close loop system.
  • Hot water circuit treatment.