About Us

From CEO's Desk

Welcome to our website. VASU has been operating since 1971, when our founder Mr. Yashwant Jhaveri, after his graduation in Chemical Engineering from ICT, Mumbai, started a small but a complex manufacturing process for producing fungicides for the packing industry.

From a humble beginning, to now spreading its wings in the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and all over India, VASU has grown into one of the largest water treatment companies in India. This helped save some valuable foreign exchange for the country.

Vasu’s mantra - Value Added Services Unlimited is based on our three pillars of Value, Performance and Innovation.

  • Value, because we add value to our customers processes.
  • Performance is a key to long term association with our customers.
  • Innovate constantly to meet ever-changing needs of our customers.

We take pride in the relationship we have developed with our customers and suppliers over the years. The VASU Team is highly professional, focused and technically proficient with several years of experience. It is because of this team that VASU has grown over the last 2 decades coupled with innovative products.

VASU remains committed to our customers, suppliers and the environment and will contribute to greater challenges that impact each one of us.

Thanking you for your interest in VASU Chemicals LLP.

Tushar Jhaveri

Dipen Jhaveri