About Us

Our Team

With a combined experience of over 40 years, VASU fulfills client needs and implements successful technological solutions through well trained and qualified professionals who strive to make a meaningful impact.

Even more so than our product range and treatment programs, high caliber and experienced in-house technical experts are VASU's most valuable assets. From senior management to on-site technicians, our well-balanced teams deliver optimal solutions in dynamic plant environments.

VASU professionals believe in the importance of collaboration and collective growth, are deeply committed to VASU's and our customers’ needs and promise to never compromise on quality or integrity.

Customer needs are paramount and our team seeks to bring about valuable improvements in the system, which reduce cost of operation, improve overall profitability and consequently set the foundation for a sustainable and long-term symbiotic relationship. As a Vasu customer you can rely on commitment and support to deliver critical and challenging solutions, which are reflected in our motto "VALUE ADDED SERVICES … UNLIMITED".