Water Treatment

Cooling Water Treatment

Cooling Water TreatmentCooling towers are used widely due to their optimal cooling technology for industrial processes and HVAC applications. Water shortages combined with increased water usage have combined to decrease the availability and increase the cost of high quality makeup water for cooling tower systems. Stringent environmental regulations for effluent water discharge have led to a pressing need for better technology and products. This coupled with the control of scale, biological fouling, deposition and corrosion has increased the challenges in the proper operation and maintenance of an effective cooling water system.

A represntative Schematic of cooling water system is as below

VASU provides an extensive range of products and services for open-circulating once-through and closed loop systems. Our technical team does a thorough system survey of the cooling tower system and our treatment program is based upon the following factors

  • Water Chemistry
  • Types of Microorganisms
  • System Parameters
  • System design and metallurgy
  • Target KPI’s

One of the primary steps to achieve trouble free plant operations is to accurately assess the cooling water system and the critical exchangers associated with it. This assessment is multi-dimensional and covers a majority of operations to have detailed insight supported with recommendations for implementation of best practises in Industry.

It has been VASU's philosophy to conduct such a study before recommending or implementing a technically superior Cooling Water Treatment program. The VASU assessment service F.I.R.S.T which is to Find. Interpret. Report. Standardize. Train.  is an effective tool for a forensic insight into cooling water systems. 

F.I.R.S.T which is to Find. Interpret. Report. Standardize

The F.I.R.S.T support will collect data, conduct root-cause analyses, identify actions which would be measurable and list the customer's relevant KPIs

VASU will deploy a highly competent technical team with in-depth knowledge of  Water Management and Operations to review current conditions. This study is proposed in following two phases

Phase I

  • Water Chemistry Trends
  • Corrosion mitigation and monitoring procedures
  • Deposition and fouling control
  • Microbiology and Bio-control
  • Monitoring and treatment approach
  • Root cause analysis of failures, if any

Phase II

  • Recommendations for improvements in current program and procedures.
  • Design of customised Cooling Water Treatment program. This would include details of product chemistry, mechanism of actions, on site application support service like chemical feed,  chemical and microbiological analysis, monitoring of critical KPIs, water conservation and other value added service, the overall implementation of which would lead to the following

Our comprehensive cooling water treatment program consists of Corrosion Inhibition, Scale Inhibition and Biocide control complemented by continuous monitoring and evaluation of the system

Corrosion Control+
Scale Control+
Microbiological Control+