Water Treatment

Pipeline Preservation

Pipeline PreservationThe construction and commision of industrial projects is completed phase wise. Hence, manufacturing units and pipelines are kept ready for commissioning before connection to the circuit or system.

Hydrotesting of these assets such as boilers and pipelines is carried out before commissioning to ensure that there are no leakages in the system and water from rivers, irrigation canals and wells is used as available.

On several occasions, water is retained in these assets for longer durations for preservation since slow drying of these assets after hydrotesting will initiate the process of corrosion and possibilities of water entrapment in pockets.

During the processes of hydro testing and preservation with water, assets begin to corrode. The corrosion is both Electro-chemical as well as Microbiologically Induced Corrosion. In addition, deposition of suspended particles present in the water used also occurs due to stagnancy. Consequently, severe damage to these assets such pipelines takes place even before they are put to productive use.

VASU offers tailor made products to mitigate corrosion in assets under preservation or during hydro testing. Our product line includes
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Oxygen Scavenger
  • Dispersant
  • Biocide
Our advanced product range offers multiple advantages
  • Ease in handling and dosage
  • Bio degradable and environment friendly