At VASU, we seek to create maximum value, for us, our partnering organizations and most importantly, our clients. We emphasize customer needs above all and foster an environment that encourages collaboration, high quality individual work and a commitment towards excellence.

We are constantly looking for highly motivated, result oriented and dedicated people to join our operations all over India and across different business areas. We need people who seek to constantly improve what is essential to our success and our customer’s success. We need people who adapt fast, believe in rapid decision making and believe in using the unique strengths of all those around them to achieve common goals.

Why Work at VASU?

Essential work - Here, your hard work matters

If you want to work for a company that makes an essential difference in key industrial sectors, consider Vasu Chemicals. We measure our success by the distinctive contribution we make to our customers and the value we create for them.

Growth Culture

Whether you're an experienced professional ready to take your career to the next level or a new graduate looking for challenging responsibilities and a unique environment, Vasu Chemicals is an ideal place to grow. We offer meaningful work and diverse opportunities.

We live up to our belief in the inherent worth of people by investing in them. We support professional development in many ways - classroom and on-line training, mentoring relationships, leadership development programs and educational assistance programs. We nurture an environment that encourages lifelong learning.

At Vasu, you will work with warm, world-class professionals who are among the brightest and most talented people in the workforce today. Working side by side in a team atmosphere, they learn from each other and help to create a workplace where every person can realize to their full potential. We recognize and reward you for your hard work and commitment to the organization.


Consider Vasu if you want to be free to apply your talents and skills to the best benefit of the company and everyone whose lives we touch. Our strength, now and in the future, depends on our ability to draw from the creativity and talents of all of our people. That's what diversity means to us: Different suggestions, different beliefs, different insights and different methods to get the job done successfully to ensure customer satisfaction.

If you wish to apply your knowledge towards solving real world problems or are interested in industrial immersion in key sectors, fill out the employee application form and wait to hear back from our Human Resource team to begin your VASU journey.