Corrosion Control

Cathodic Protection

LORESCO Inc is the global market leader specializing in the development and manufacture of impress current anode backfills and replaceable deep bed anode systems. The LORESCO name is recognized around the world as being dedicated to producing the highest quality impressed current anode backfills. LORESCO products have an excellent performance track record at all types of facilities including oil and gas production facilities, pipelines, storage tanks, steel pilings, well casings, electrical generation facilities, communications systems, and transmission systems.

Calcined Petroleum Coke

Calcined petroleum coke like coke breeze are impressed current backfills

VASU-LORESCO offer a full line of earth contact backfills and related products which are designed and produced exclusively for the corrosion industry. All Loresco backfills begin with high-quality carbons that are calcined to exacting standards. These carbons are further processed to enhance various properties depending upon the specific application or field conditions

Advantages of Using Loresco® Products

  • Lower anode consumption, better performance of anode bed
  • High bulk density
  • High carbon content
  • Volatiles are nil due to high calcination temperature.
  • Low ash content
  • Surface modified particles for maximum electrical conductivity and high-current applications
  • Particle sizing to be dust free with a maximum particle size of 1mm.
  • Base materials are calcined under quality control.
  • Surfactants are added to assist pumping and settling
  • Minimum calcination temperature of base materials is 1250º C
  • No de-dusting oils are used during the manufacture of base particles
  • US NSF and ANSI compliant products available

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